Demos Parneros
CEO | Board Member | Angel Investor & Advisor

Demos Parneros

A strategic retail/e-tail executive and board member with extensive experience driving growth, profitability, and business transformation while fostering a strong and caring customer and associate culture. Demos is currently investing in and advising startups and early-stage companies.

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Board Member, Angel Investor,
& Advisor

Throughout his career, Demos served as a Management and Operations consultant for clients in retail, e-commerce, consumer products & services, and was a board member for multiple companies. Today, Demos invests in startups and early-stage companies. He is also an investor in SuperAngel.Fund and XRC Labs, and a venture partner for Brightside Venture Partners.
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XRC Labs
Sobre Mesa / Sudbury 29
Adelante Shoe Co.
Demos Parneros at NASDAQ

Retail &
E-Commerce Expert

Demos held executive positions at Barnes & Noble and Staples, and has been at the forefront of efforts to drive digital adoption and omni-channel focus to confront secular changes in the industry. He’s attracted and inspired high-performance executive teams, restructured legacy retail and e-commerce groups, launched innovative and flexible store formats, and established deep relationships within the Wall Street analyst and investor community.
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